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23 Oct 2022


23 Oct 2022

As you probably know, the Inquiry ended last Friday after 4 days and now we’re waiting for the Inspector’s decision. This is expected in around 6 weeks’ time. Due to time pressures, as yet we haven’t been able to acknowledge the generous donations made to CAGE and to sincerely thank all who have donated, spoken at the Inquiry, put up a poster, researched, demonstrated, written letters, or done anything else to support the campaign.

A HUGE THANK YOU is also due to members of Dummer Parish Council, and Stafford Napier who all worked very hard to try to stop the warehouse complex development. At the Inquiry Dummer Parish Council was represented by a barrister, Esther Drabkin-Reiter and a planning expert, Sue Ilman. Both made a strong case on landscape grounds for refusing the planning application as did Maria Miller MP, our local Ward Councillors Hannah Golding, Diane Taylor and County Councillors Juliet Henderson and Stephen Reid.Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council was also represented at the Inquiry by a barrister and a planning expert who gave evidence to support the Council’s decision to refuse this planning application. 

CAGE has been fighting this campaign since 2020 but without the generosity of so many people we would never have reached the final stage of a Public Inquiry. Thank you all so much.

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