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16 Jan 2024


16 Jan 2024

Thanks to everyone who has already written to Basingstoke Council with their comments on the Oakdown Farm site, Dummer (23/03120/FUL).

We understand that some people have encountered problems when trying to send their comments. Here is a list of ways to make sure your comments reach the right place.

  1. Email – you will need to register directly on the site before you make a comment or view other comments.

  2. Email – you can send an email to this address and type in what you want to say or attach your comments in an email as a Word document.

  3. You can write a letter to The Planning Department, Basingstoke and Deane District Council, Civic Offices, London Rd., Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 4AH.

  4. You can call Brian O’Donovan, the Planning Officer on this case on 01256-845417.

If you want to find specific issues to write about here are some points you could refer to.

More background information will be found on the new CAGE website when it launches very soon.

  1. Landscape and Visual Impact. The changes in the new plans, especially from some significant local viewpoints, will make little difference to the Inspector’s reasons for refusing the previous plan. At night, the negative impact of the 24-hour lighting from the warehouses will be experienced by residents, businesses, and wildlife.

  2. Economic Need. This has not been established. The new application would create more logistics floor space than is required by the Local Plan. Warehouse workers would come out of this area as there are already many unfilled warehouse jobs in Basingstoke.

  3. Traffic on local and strategic road network. Whilst the plans show road improvements on the Southwood Farm and A30 routes, long-term re-structuring will be needed as other proposals will generate unsustainable levels of traffic movements in the future. There is no provision for waiting areas for HGVs to allow drivers to gain a timed entrance to the site.

  4. Green issues. Hundreds of thousands of tons of concrete will be poured over fertile farmland, to provide the platform on which the 8 warehouses will be built. Despite meeting various environmental building requirements, this warehouse site will eliminate natural wildlife and destroy long-established hedges and trees. Basingstoke Council has a commitment to zero carbon to reduce greenhouse gasses – this development is not going to help.

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