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28 Aug 2023


28 Aug 2023

Newlands, the developer who have twice applied to build massive warehouses on Junction 7 of the M3, (Oakdown Farm) has sent to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council a pre-application pack with a view to progressing revised proposals for Oakdown Farm. The Parish Council acknowledges receipt of an email about this, and is making contact with both the Consultants and the Planning Officers at Basingstoke.

The view of the Parish Council is that any further application would be premature and should wait for the completion of the Local Plan Update which is likely to include multiple development proposals for South West Basingstoke, including a possible hospital, southern Manydown, Popham Airfield and adaptations to the strategic road network, which were received during the Planning Inspector’s inquiry but too late for his consideration. The various processes and consultations of the Local Plan Update are unlikely to be completed before late 2025.

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