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26 Dec 2023


26 Dec 2023

The CAGE Steering Group has been monitoring local plans since the Public Enquiry when Newland’s (the developer) plans for warehouses on Oakdown Farm, Dummer, were rejected by the Inspector. As you may know, there are now two Planning Applications in the pipeline – both will have a significant impact on the local area. One is a revised warehouse scheme on Oakdown Farm, and the other is a new Basingstoke Hospital north of Junction 7 of the M3.

Here are the timings for both applications:

  • Basingstoke Hospital: consultation started, possible PA submission March 2024.

  • Oakdown Farm warehouses: consultation started, possible PA submission December 2023.

When Planning Applications are made, each one is considered on its own merit. Other future potential Planning Applications in the area which might impact on a current application, will not be taken into account.

The Local Plan Update is in process now. This plan will set out how Basingstoke and the district, should develop over the next 15 years. We’ll be keeping you informed about this as it is significant when it comes to planning in the SW of Basingstoke.

If you are interested in taking an active role in CAGE’s work, we’d be very happy to hear from you.

Since it’s been sometime since we posted regularly if you know of anyone who might like to receive CAGE info, please email as below with their details. If you no longer wish to receive CAGE communications, please also email:

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